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QR Codes on Promotional Items

YES! Anise Smith Marketing is now offering QR Code on Promotional Products

QR codes are relatively new and being used by some of the most cutting edge companies such as Facebook and Google. It allows your information to be scanned by way of iphone or mobile device. This creates a fun and interactive way to get your message to potential and current customers. It is GREAT for Mobile Marketing.

At AniseSmith Marketing we are one of the most cutting edge companies offering the newest technologies to market your company. We are currenty one of the ONLY companies that are providing this amazing line of marketing items using TECHNOLOGY FOCUSED PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS. That's right Anise Smith Marketing, pioneer in QR code Marketing is now offering QR code Imprinting on Promotional Products.

This allows you to promote brand recognition and promoted your company at the same time using the hottest technology around.

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