Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Morning Looking for a New Opportunity Post

Monday Morning Job Post

 Everyone has worked at a place that leaves a lot to be desired. That’s why I’ve been dedicating Monday’s to job resources. I have decided to expand it a bit and offer a few more options.


If you want to find ways to cope with your job, Check out this article. 11 steps to Coping with your Job.

Do you want to Vent about your job? Check out JobVent This site allows you vent about your job.

Do you want to find a NEW Job ?  Check out BDM Career Services on Facebook, The web and Linked In.

Good Luck!



Friday, August 27, 2010

Calls from Gmail

Calls from Gmail

Weekend Recipe: Orange chicken

Orange Chicken

What you need:

1 egg  (Due to the egg recall, I would substitute 1 egg for egg substitute)

1/3 cup orange juice

1-cup herb (seasoned stuffing mix crushed)

1-1/2 tsp paprika 1 tbsp grated orange (peel)

1 tsp salt

8 boneless chicken breast (skinless boneless chicken breast halves)

6 tbsp margarine (butter, melted)

Slice orange

In a shallow bowl, beat egg, add orange juice. In another bowl, combine the stuffing mix, paprika, orange peel and salt. Dip chicken in to the egg mixture, then into crumbs, turning to coat well. Pour butter into a 13-in. x 9-in. x 2-in. baking dish. Place chicken in baking dish, turning once to butter both sides. Bake, uncovered, at 375 degrees F for 45 minutes or until the chicken is tender and juices run clear. Garnish with orange slices if desired.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's WAR: Google -Vs- Facebook for Local $ Related to Check in services

Google is getting into the Check in WAR!  It seems that everyone is going to war with Facebook even Google. The Check in service Places which was just introduced by Facebook, is striking fear into many.  Even Big cheese Google is feeling a bit threatened by the overwhelming popularity of Facebook. 

It seems that Google would love for check in services like Foursquare to access it's vast database of local information and with Facebook emerging as a player in this check in game Google is feeling a bit threatened and is turning up the heat of competition... check out the story in the first segment of video..


Wednesday, August 25, 2010


The Internet emerged full force a bit over 10 years ago.  Back the there were a multitude of search avenues, there was Dogpile, Metacrawler, Infoseek,  LookSmart , AskJeeves and of course Yahoo.  These are the search engines that I would utilize to find what I needed.  However very soon those search engines slow dwindled away and I started to hear more and more about Google.  Amazingly the creators of Google actually started out with the name Backrub of all things for what is now know as Google.  The word Google actually is a play on the word "googol."   The word googol is a mathematical term for the number represented by the numeral 1 followed by 100 zeros.  This is the origination of the the entity that we know as Google.  That is quite amazing! I don't know if the original name of Backrub would have had the same effect over a period of time as Google has had.

Well, I am always interested in learning more about the origins of one of the Internet Powerhouses.  For a long time they WERE THE powerhouse, however due to the emergence and popularity of Facebook they have some competition at Internet Powerhouse status.

That leads to the selection of Wednesdays book, which is Planet Google: One company's Audacious Plan to Organize Everything We know by Randall Stross.  Check out Planet Google

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Top 5 Money Making YouTube Stars

Top 5 YouTube Stars Are making a pretty good salary.  I think we all should maybe re-evaluate our career choices.


#1 Shane Dawson of the Channel Ask Shane & Others made 315,000 last year.

#2 Dan Boedigheimer , The Annoying Orange made $ 288,000 last year.

#3 Philip Defranco, The Philip DeFranco Show made $181,000

#4 Ryan Higa, YouTube Channel made $150,000

#5 Lucas Cruikshank , Fred made $146,000


Read more.....



Microsoft Surface vs InCharge Duo for iPad for COOL GADGET Points

As a Mac user I am in LOVE with the amazing functionality. There are so many programs that make having a mac so much fun, it is also very easy to work with.  With that said, I do love that there are some  AMAZINGLY COOL products that I have seen within the PC world lately.

Microsoft  Surface seems to be on the Amazingly cool list, because it literally allows you to bring any surface to life. On the other hand there is the inCharge, which is a dual charging pad for your iPad and iPhone.  WELL both are cool but I must admit that although I am a Mac Addict I would definitely venture more to the PC side if I had the Microsoft Surface.

So overall I would say that Microsoft Surface is cooler than the inCharge. You be the judge....

Microsoft Surface   -VS-  inCharge

Monday, August 23, 2010

Starting Your Own Business on a Small Budget

As the economy worsens and unemployment continues to rise people are thinking of ways to create addition revenue sources.  This is primarily why new businesses have been growing by leaps and bounds. The instability of the job market mixed with downsizing has almost forced people to venture out and into business ownership. 

If you have been thinking about business ownership but were concerned about possible costs related to start ups maybe there are solutions that would allow you to start up on a shoestring to use an old phrase.  I just read a fantastic article about a few people that started businesses for around $100.00.  If they can maybe you can to.  Take a look at the Article.

Happy Monday Job Post

Of course the economy is bad  and it is probably crazy to think of making  a move.  However sometimes you have to do what you have to do.  So check out a few of the Hot jobs in the Philadelphia area from Comcast, T-Mobile and Merk. 

I did narrow the search to the Philadelphia area, however there are many more to search through just Check them out! Happy hunting and Happy Monday!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Social Media in the workplace

Social Media in the workplace has expanded greatly within the past few years.   The use of Social Media as a means to expanded the marketing efforts of some companies has become the most economically feasible option due to the economy downturn and companies needs to minimize costs.

Although some companies have embraced Social Media for marketing purposes are they missing the boat on embracing Social Media in regard to minimizing their employees exposure to Social Media within the workplace?  Companies seem to be stepping up their efforts to stop their employees use of Social Media.

Instead of minimizing workplace exposure should companies be allowing use of Social Media by their employees?  What better way to promote your brand than having employees act as your very own team of Brand Ambassadors? However, companies seem to be stepping up their efforts to stop their employees use of Social Media. One of the companies that are being used for these efforts are Facetime.  Read more....

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Future of Mobile Phones

Amazingly a part of our ability to be so mobile and have to ability to work from any location is the growth of technology.  I am such a techie and I am always looking for cool gadgets which would allow me to be more mobile.  This is partly due to my dream of moving to Key West. The goal is to work from my deck in Key West while watching drunken tourist drink booze slurpies at 7:00 A.M.

So, If this is the Future of Mobile, where is that Back to the Future mobile?  More very cool images of the future of mobile in the link below. | The Future of Mobile Phones 2009-2012 | Phone, Concept, Nokia, Designed, Touchscreen

Friday, August 20, 2010

Facebook Places means an adjustment to privacy settings

Facebook Privacy Settings are serious business to me. I make sure that my settings are always adjusted so that I am able to maintain a personal and business persona on Facebook.  So in order to maintain the balance between personal friend and business friend I have to pay attention to my Privacy Settings.

Due to the emergence of Facebook Places there's been a need to make a few adjustments to my settings.  You will probably need to make some adjustments as well. 

There is a very cool FREE eBook available which gives more details about setting your privacy settings

Weekend Recipe: Lemon Chicken with Broccoli Florets

What you will need
2 cups of broccoli florets
3lbs of chicken thighs
2 tbs of butter
1-1/2 cup of chicken broth
1 cup of lemon juice

What you must do
Preheat oven to 400 degrees. In two 9x13 baking dishes, melt butter by placing in preheated oven for a few minutes. Add the chicken and broccoli in even amounts to both baking dishes. Add chicken broth and then lemon juice. Bake 35 to 40 minutes uncovered.

As usual, let me know how you make out and would love to see your dish. Post pictures to our page

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday Book Selection

Wednesday Book Selection
Social Media is really a relatively new form of media. It has really changed how we think, act and interact with each other. We are still adapting to this new form of communication.

In my book selection for Wednesday I wanted to offer a resource that could possibly explain some of the changes and how we may choose to deal with the new Social Media Revolution. I have a feeling that it is here to stay and I am excited to continue to learn and explore with my new growing network of Internet Guru's

Content Nation by John Blossom

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Evening Viral Video Laugh!

Friday Recipe: "Italian" style Chicken, Coleslaw and Cinammon Apples

"Italian" Style Chicken Breast with Home made Cole Slaw & cinnamon Apples

What you need

About 6 chicken Breast
1 bottle of Zesty Italian Dressing
1 onion, I like Vidalia but use what you have
3 or 4 Carrots
3 or 4 potatoes
Foil bags if you have it if not you can just use regular foil.

Cole Slaw (make this a few hours before you make the chicken so that it is chilled)
1 Cabbage or you can use the bagged ready-made mix, I like the bag its easier.
Miracle whip or Cole Slaw dressing
Russian dressing
McCormick salad seasoning (optional)

About 4 – 6 green apples

You will also need a large casserole dish with a lid.

Peal and cut the carrots, potatoes and onions in to large chunks. If you have a foil bag add that mixture to the foil bag. Then add about 1-1/2 cups of the zesty Italian dressing then throw in the chicken.  Add about 1 teaspoon of flour to the bag.  If you opt to use foil instead of the foil bag, just add the chicken as stated earlier then use a large sheet of foil, then fold the edges of the foil around to create a make shift bag. Add the foil bag or makeshift foil bag to casserole dish, cover it and cook for about 1-1/2 hour at 375 or until the chicken is done.  I usually open the bag or foil, then put it back in the oven for about 15 – 20 minutes this will add a bit of brown to the chicken

Cole Slaw:
If you use the cabbage instead of the ready made bag just chop the cabbage up into small shreds.  Add about 1 -2 tbs of Russian dressing and 1/2 cup of miracle whip or cole slaw dressing.  If you like your slaw with a lot of dressing you may have to add a bit more.  If you opt to use the salad seasoning just sprinkle a little on the cole slaw mixture and mix it well.

Peel the apples and cut them into slices cook them in a saucepan of water for about 15 - 20 minutes or until they are soft but still firm.  Drain, then add about 1 teaspoon of butter.   Add about 3 tbs of honey; cover the apples lightly with cinnamon. Then mix it all up.
YUM!  Let me know how you make out.   

Take pictures and add them to the photos sections of our fan page.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Weekend Recipe: Turkey Meatloaf, Spinach salad, baked sweet potato

Friday Recipe: Turkey meatloaf, Spinach salad and Baked sweet potato

What you will need.

For the Turkey Meatloaf
1 lb of ground turkey, no brand in particular use what you have.
1 medium size onion, I like Vidalia onions but use what you have.
2 slices of multigrain or wheat bread, you can use whatever bread you have if you don’t have multigrain or wheat bread.
1 smallish green pepper
1 green apple
BBQ sauce
Adobo (red top) seasoning, which I use a lot but if you can salt & pepper in the place of Adobo
Garlic powder
Loaf pan

If you like spinach, but if not go with whatever salad fixins you have
So if you want to go with my salad you will need:

1 bag of spinach
1 back of iceberg salad mix
Parmesan Cheese
Grape tomatoes

A few Sweet potatoes depending on how many people are in your family.

Start with the Meatloaf
Peel the green apple and chop it up very fine, then chop up the onion and the green pepper. Add the chopped apple, onion and green pepper to a mixing bowl with the ground turkey. Mix everything together.

Then mix together in a separate bowl about ½ cup of BBQ sauce and ½ cup of ketchup. Add ONLY half of that to the turkey mixture. Put aside the other ½ of the bbq/ketchup sauce mixture for later. Then chop up the bread and add that to the mixture. Sprinkle a bit of Adobo and garlic powder. Just a bit not a lot, a light dusting.

Pre heat your oven to 350 degrees

Spray your pan with cooking spray; if you don’t have cooking spray use a light coating of cooking oil. Add you ground turkey mixture, shape it like a meatloaf. ☺

Put your meatloaf in the oven. Then wash then wrap your sweet potatoes’ in foil and put them on a cookie sheet. Keep both in the turkey meatloaf and the sweet potatoes in the oven for about 1 -1/2 hours. Take the Meatloaf out add the rest of the sauce mixture to the top then cook it for another 15 minutes or so.

Take everything out and chow down.

I usually would eat the sweet potato plain without butter, but you can add butter and a bit of cinnamon if you like. A bit of Caesar or peppercorn ranch dressing for the salad would be good but again, use what you have. The meatloaf should be really moist and yummy.

Let me know how you make out…take pictures and post them on the Facebook Fan Page.